Recognition & Awards

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NCFM is honored to present Jonathan Taylor with our 2014 Award of Excellence in Advancing Men’s Issues. Jonathan, his research, his activism, his writings, internet social networks, and website A Voice for Male Students, are invaluable, particularly for male college students and our society at large.

– Harry Crouch, President, National Coalition for Men

That was one of the most rewarding clicks on the internet that I have ever made. The site A Voice for Male Students is absolutely extraordinary and is so very much needed. It is filling a major moral and social vacuum.

– Laurence Thomas, Ph.D., Syracuse University

What I like about AVFMS is that it is academically rigorous, and tactically confrontational when it comes to feminism. It doesn’t pick fights without reason, but it doesn’t shy away from unpleasant truths when they are relevant. In other words, it is constructed in a way that makes it extremely hard to dismiss as it highlights an extremely important issue. is a site that I can direct anyone to when they express concern over boys in education. It’s effective because it lays out a comprehensive articulation of how severe the problem is, and what the contributing forces are.

– Allen Hunter, Donor