Rally for change: join us for the KSUM Male Students in Peril conference on November 1 (registration closes October 26)


In a little less than two weeks, on November 1, I will be presenting as the keynote speaker at the Male Students in Peril conference at Kennesaw State University, hosted by the KSU men’s group, KSU Men (KSUM). I will be speaking alongside Dr. Janice Fiamengo from Ottawa University, Paul Elam of A Voice for Men, and Karen Straughan from the sensational Honey ...

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Bigoted board members at Sydney University block formation of men’s health group


Surprised? I’m not. Here’s the news (my comments are interspersed): Good heavens, has it really been over ten years? What extreme actions was this group engaging in? What incorrigible views were they supporting? Were they advocating genocide, perhaps? Perhaps the mutilation of infants? Perhaps the mass clubbing of baby seals? So…what’s the problem? Men are 80% of suicides and are often victims of intimate ...

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Columbia University reaches the Holy Grail for “anti-sexual assault” activists

dodge-hall-columbia-university-music-department-emma-sulkowicz-CUMB-Edith Lerner

Columbia University’s Marching Band (CUMB) has instituted a policy of automatically kicking out male students accused of sexual assault and asking questions later (if at all) about whether the accusations were valid. Malcolm James has a few things to say about that.

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Resurrected from the void: video of feminist opposition to the Simon Fraser University Men’s Center


Resurrected from the void: a video of the feminist opposition to the creation of a men's center at Simon Fraser University was uploaded to YouTube in April 2012. It was taken down by the original uploader after strong opposition due to how narrow-minded and sexist it was. I have preserved it and uploaded it to my own YouTube channel, with some of my commentary preceding/following.

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Nature versus nurture: is male achievement really due simply to social conditioning?


Countdown is a British daytime television game show which was the first programme to be broadcast on Channel 4 in November 1982.  32 years and nearly 6,000 episodes later it has developed a devoted cult following, as evidenced by these links (see here and here), which give you more information on the programme than you could possibly want or need. ...

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A school practice we should do away with that disproportionately harms boys: punishment by “writing sentences”


As a boy I learned to love reading and writing, but not from school. This post will discuss one of the reasons why. There’s an “educational” practice that was alive and well when I was a schoolboy, and which I – not the least because I am a former English teacher – not only to unconditionally discourage, but also encourage ...

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KSU Men and the Male Students in Peril conference under attack


Surprise surprise – just like what happened with the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, the upcoming conference at KSU – organized by KSU Men (KSUM) – is now under increasing attack. In the video above you will see an interview about this between Sage Gerard, the president of KSUM, and Paul Elam of A Voice for Men. Some of ...

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Not Happy with the Law? Make Up Your Own, Sulkowicz-style!


New AVFMS contributor Gary Costanza has a few words to say about the rape hysteria currently occurring at Columbia University, where student Emma Sulkowicz has turned down a criminal prosecution of her alleged assailant to instead attempt to convict him in the court of public opinion.

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Affirmation and criticism of Marty Nemko’s article on boys’ education in Psychology Today


In these polarizing times, it is to our credit that we can occasionally find those with whom we both agree and disagree. With that I give you Dr. Marty Nemko’s recent article in Psychology Today titled “The Problem With Boys,” and my commentary on it. It begins: The unsourced data Nemko cites is just a wee bit off, methinks (see here for ...

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The shit cake called Men’s Studies, why it’s failing, and why that’s a good thing


Men's Studies was overrun by Feminists since its inception in the 1970s. Today, it makes zero room for the idea of the human rights of men and boys. Now it is failing. While it has occasionally attempted to rebrand itself with new icing, the best recipe would perhaps be to just start from scratch.

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