With spring comes spring cleaning, and a new FAQ page


Are you excited as well?

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Three new cases added to lawsuits database, two others recently decided, AVFMS cited by Wall Street Journal


*Update 11:30 PM: make that FOUR* Three Four recent lawsuits (for a total of 66 67) were added to the lawsuits database today against the following schools: University of California-Santa Barbara University of California-San Diego Brandeis University, filed 2015-4-9 San Diego State University (added 11:30 PM) This marks the second lawsuit against Brandeis, and the first for the other two schools. Also, ...

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The eradication of boyhood


Boyhood – rambunctious, loud, kinetic, competitive boyhood – is being systematically killed off in the western world. In what has to be the most outrageous example of gender-based discrimination in the last forty years or more, perfectly normal and vital boyish behavior is being shamed, disallowed, and legislated out of existence. Executed as a combination of policy and cultural shift, ...

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The UVA rape hoax: aftermath and lessons for us all


I hope many of us are familiar with what is now called The UVA Rape Hoax. Back in November, a “journalist” at Rolling Stone named Sabrina Rubin Erdely published an account of a woman named “Jackie” who was allegedly gang-raped at a Phi Kappa Psi frat house. As we pointed out (among other things) in December 2014, the rhetoric with which ...

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When is a frat not a frat?


The word fraternity is (among other things) synonymous with “brotherhood”; a fraternity is an organized society of men associated together by some commonality. The first fraternal organization established in the US was the Phi Beta Kappa Society, founded in the historic year of 1776. Just about everyone understand that fraternities are organizations of men; sororities (synonymous with “sisterhood”) are organizations of ...

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The Atlas of Educational Equity for Men and Boys


As we wrap up the first quarter of 2015, I present to you a substantial addition to this website, which will do nothing but grow in relevance and effectiveness as this platform grows.

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Yonkers Boys: a new charter school promoting the “science of the male”


I recently had the pleasure of speaking via phone with Ed Stephens, the founder of The Foundation for Male Studies. In case you are not familiar with his organization, it is one that promotes the academic study of experiences that are distinctive or unique to men and boys from a view that is – unlike much academic discussion on gender for ...

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Teacher’s comment on boy’s homework: “beautifully written! for a boy!”


I was recently alerted to a tweet by a mother who was looking over her third grade son’s homework: While it is true that boys overall have fallen behind girls in terms of literacy concepts, it should be obvious that this kind of rhetoric is not helping. One would hope that a teacher – of all people – would know this. ...

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Can the push for colleges to investigate sexual assault lead to murder? A law enforcement perspective.


In August of last year I authored an article on the issue of college campuses conducting their own investigation of sexual assault allegations; “The Current Push for Colleges to Investigate Allegations of Sexual Assault can hurt valid cases: A Law Enforcement Perspective,” that was published on a host of sites. My comments; based on three decades in law enforcement and ...

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Gabe Senecal thinks all male students should be Feminists


Gabe Senecal at The University of Saskatchewan has written an article at The Sheaf, the university’s student newpaper, that is so off-base that it practically demands correction. If you are so inclined (and I hope you are), please go tell him what’s up in the comments section of his article. We’ll be debunking his article here, of course. Gabe starts off: ...

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