Interview by Studio Brule at KSU Male Students in Peril conference (video)


Steve Brule is an amazing independent videographer who catapulted onto the scene when he captured footage of the insane feminist protest of the 2012 talk on boys’ education crisis featuring Dr. Warren Farrell. He is known for both the high quality of his work and the explosive energy of the footage he captures, often with impeccable (if not uncanny) timing. He has documented many ...

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The War on Men’s Sports


There's a war on men's sports in our schools, and Title IX guidelines and Feminism are the cuplrits! Hannah Wallen of the sensational Honey Badger Brigade tells us what's going on in this latest article.

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Videos: interviewed by KBYR Radio on due process and rape hysteria in academia


Recently, I had the honor of being invited twice onto KBYR Radio to speak about due process, rape hysteria, and the recent rape hoax at the University of Virginia. I was first interviewed by Brendon Berger and Sam Moore on their Saturday segment for their show “The Establishment,” and then the following Tuesday on the Michael Dukes morning show. Both interviews were ...

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On strike! Interview with Helen Smith about men “going Galt”


Men are increasingly drifting away from relationships, brutal jobs, and mainstream society in general. Is this due to their own choices, or choices that have been made for them? New AVFMS contributor Kevin Fuchs interviews Dr. Helen Smith, author of Men on Strike, about this phenomenon.

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As UVA case unravels, Feminists scramble with damage control but maintain presumptions of male guilt


Three weeks ago Rolling Stone published an article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely. It chronicled the story of a young woman named “Jackie” who was (allegedly) “brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party.” According to Erdely, “Jackie” tried to get the University of Virginia to take her (alleged) sexual assault seriously, but the university was indifferent because it wanted to protect its ...

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Why Lorisa Lorenzo and James Annarelli, bigots of Eckerd College, need to be fired


If you use Twitter, please tweet this to #eckerdcollege. Let’s make sure their school knows we’ll publicize when they discriminate against college men.   Have you ever heard that grand old story about people coming to America because they believe it to be “the land of opportunity”? That’s what I was taught when I was in elementary school. Apparently that’s not what they believe ...

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AVFMS: prospective 2015 redesign


You may remember that I recently brought up the idea of integrating a forum into this website next year. Actually, there are numerous changes I am thinking about for next year. Here is my prospective redesign of the front page of the A Voice for Male Students website for 2015. Click to enlarge it and see it in its full ...

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Should A Voice for Male Students host a discussion forum, and who would run it?


I need your help. This is where you can directly contribute to the growth and future of this website. Simply put, I need a lot of you – especially those of you who care deeply about men and boys in academia – to give me some feedback. And if that feedback results me deciding to implement a forum, I need a men’s ...

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This site is now running the Disqus commenting system


AVFMS is starting a trial period for a new commenting system. I'm considering feedback in the meantime.

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What can we learn from Gareth Malone’s Extraordinary School for Boys?


Meet Gareth Malone.  If you haven’t come across him yet, given that he looks and sounds like the epitome of the English public schoolboys, it’s surely only a matter of time before you do. He trained as a music teacher and choirmaster, and has made his name by going into various unlikely environments, assembling people into a choir, and getting ...

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