Why I don’t support feminism (video)


I have recovered and can’t wait to get back into making content – YouTube videos in particular. Today I’m laying down something basic that should have been laid down long ago: why I don’t support feminism. If this type of video has a good reception, I may keep making more videos like it. So let me know what you think! ...

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Catch attorney Andrew T. Miltenberg on CBS Sunday morning (tomorrow)!

Andrew T. Miltenberg

I have received correspondence from Andrew T. Miltenberg, a prominent attorney for college men wrongly accused of sexual assault, that he “will be on CBS Sunday Morning regarding the campus rape issue – the show starts at 9:00 am, not sure what time the segment will be on.” If you happen to be watching TV around then, see if you ...

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Sometimes it’s not possible to save the world. Sometimes it’s all you can do to save yourself.

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Men’s human rights spring fundraiser at Kennesaw State U


Since you funded our founding in November 2013, Zen Men has captured the minds of students across the nation in its support for men’s rights in Kennesaw State. This is all exciting news, but as we grew, so did our bills. Activism is hard work, and we depend on your kindness to keep going. We have kept all promises when you trusted us with $515 as startup funding, ...

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Teachers encouraged to hug students – and male teachers react


There was an interesting discussion on the r/Teaching section of Reddit. The original poster linked to an article titled “Ten Reasons to Hug a Teacher.” The reactions of male teachers to the suggestion were particularly interesting. Here’s the most upvoted comment (click to expand the following pictures): Note that, as a man, he feels like he has to begin by apologizing for ...

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Why we must prioritize reaching students above teachers and administrators


The year is 2015. For the past several decades, our educational institutions – particularly in the U.S. and Canada – have lived in fear of questioning Feminist ideology, individual Feminists, as well as policies hatched by their questionable (and sometimes outright sexist) ideas. Why? Because much like how the Catholic church of the medieval period had become synonymous with Christianity ...

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Edutopia mythbuster Mark Phillips resonates with boys’ education advocacy


Edutopia writer Mark Phillips has written an article on eight major myths that undermine educational effectiveness. These myths have interesting implications for men's and boys' education issues as well. Here's how.

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A Voice for Male Students: 2014 high notes, 2015 agenda


We are coming to the end of the first calendar year here at A Voice for Male Students, and it has been just as successful as it has been interesting. I’ll hit on a few of the high notes before showing you what lies in store for 2015. This year I have created some powerful tools for men’s advocacy, the crown jewel of ...

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The National Coalition for Men presents 2014 Award of Excellence to A Voice for Male Students


The National Coalition for Men, which was founded in 1977, is the oldest men’s issues organization in existence, and has a veteran status in the online men’s issues community. It is a “general issues” men’s website in that it focuses on a broad range of men’s issues. A few chapters have a narrow focus, however; for example, NCFM-Carolinas focuses exclusively on ...

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Studio Brule does it again!


Studio Brule has just released its polished video of my keynote presentation “Educational Equity for Men and Boys” at the Male Students in Peril conference, which occurred in early November. This is hands-down the best version yet!

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