The shit cake called Men’s Studies, why it’s failing, and why that’s a good thing


Men's Studies was overrun by Feminists since its inception in the 1970s. Today, it makes zero room for the idea of the human rights of men and boys. Now it is failing. While it has occasionally attempted to rebrand itself with new icing, the best recipe would perhaps be to just start from scratch.

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Breaking bad, and why the time has come


A new school year has just begun, and with it a new year begins at A Voice for Male Students. The theme of the first year at AVFMS was laying the foundations - compiling data and presenting research. What will the theme of year two be? I have an idea.

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Official Misogyny Reporting Form


In response to numerous complaints that this site has been host to misogynistic statements and attitudes, I have taken a remedial step to institute this Official Misogyny Reporting Form. If you or someone you know is experiencing misogyny from this site or one of its affiliates, please direct them to this page so they can make an official complaint.

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Updated: Database of Lawsuits Against Colleges and Universities Alleging Due Process and Other Violations in Adjudicating Sexual Assault


Note: the previous list of lawsuits was converted into a user-sortable and queryable database on 9/7/14. Dates of each case filing, as well as links to case summaries, were also added. On April 4, 2011 the Department of Education issued its disastrous “Dear Colleague” letter to colleges and universities across the United States, requiring administrators who had neither the investigative nor prosecutorial prowess of the criminal justice ...

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Columbia U: rape accuser Emma Sulkowicz performs mattress piece theater to demand bureaucratic lynching


The campus kangaroo court at Columbia University didn't convict visual arts major Emma Sulkowicz's "rapist" (which says quite a bit about the credibility of her accusation), and she doesn't want to pursue her case through the criminal justice system because it would take too long. So now, as her senior thesis, she is carrying her mattress throughout campus to protest how much the world supports rapists. Or to just be a drama queen. Or whatever.

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Is Slippery Rock University’s psychology department a horrible place to be a male teacher? This lawsuit says yes.


Although this site is named A Voice for Male Students, far be it from me to refrain from covering issues affecting male teachers - especially those brave enough to take a stand against anti-male bias in academia. From Pennsylvania’s Trib Total Media we have this recent story: Let it be known that we have officially entered into the era of filing lawsuits en masse ...

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Why education “expert” Sara Mead thinks we shouldn’t give a damn about boys’ education


Whenever someone steps up to publicly declare that men and boys suffer and that their issues need redress, in short order a cavalcade of charlatans, sellouts, and sexists will waltz in to tell us that what they experience is not really an issue. You can almost set your watch to it. These are people who would never employ such equivocations, semantics, and ...

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NCFM Carolinas creates discussion forum for falsely accused students


National Coalition for Men-Carolinas is one of the foremost (if not the foremost) NCFM chapter in addressing and working to end false accusations on college campuses, as well as legislation that enables such accusations. While the National Coalition for Men as a whole addresses men’s issues in general, NCFMC focuses on this particular issue. I would like to give a shoutout to one ...

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Chancellor Rebecca Chopp: why does the University of Denver honor Radical Feminist Robin Morgan?


Dr. Rebecca Chopp has a few skeletons in her closet. They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, so let's shine some light and ask some hard questions. We can start by asking why she apparently doesn't care that her university honors one of Feminism's most famous man-haters to ever walk the earth.

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First-year anniversary, accomplishments, and donation drive


AVFMS is much more than just a blog. It is an ever-evolving project. And it can be made into something much bigger. Look at all the work that has been done in just one year. Ask yourself the question: is there something here worth building? Is this something you want to take to the next level? If so, I need your help.

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