Fundamentally dishonest: “The Hunting Ground” movie distorts the truth and shortchanges victims


WASHINGTON / March 3, 2015 – SAVE, a national organization working to end sexual assault, is criticizing the recently released movie The Hunting Ground for presenting false statistics, offering a one-side portrayal of the problem, and failing to call for greater police involvement in campus sex cases. Produced by CNN Films, The Hunting Ground purports to be a documentary. In ...

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Are female teachers biased against boys? Are male math teachers just better? Let’s look at some research.


Thomas Dee is a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Today we’ll be looking at an article of his, published in Education Next in 2006, that purports to address the causes of boys’ underachievement in most subjects, and women’s underachievement relative to boys in math and science. Dr. Dee’s analysis comes from looking at data from the National Education Longitudinal Survey ...

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How much does it cost a school to implement a father involvement program? You might be surprised.


You may have heard of the group Dads of Great Students (D.O.G.S.), which sometimes goes by the name Watch DOGS. I covered it almost exactly a year ago. This is a program that brings in “fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures who volunteer to serve at least one day a year in a variety of school activities as assigned by ...

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Zen Men will die without volunteers


The new Zen Men LLC (ZM) is one of the most successful men’s rights ventures in academia, which is why it hurts me to say that if I cannot build a dedicated managerial team by May 1st, I have to allow Zen Men to expire. No, this is not me quitting, this is Zen Men being too big of a ship to run without a crew. When I say “I can’t do ...

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Prejudice exposed: Tracy Crawford of Roots ‘N Wings Montessori


Recently men's advocates were alerted to the comments of a Montessori school director on the website Quora in which she openly stated that she refused to hire male teachers, assuming them all by default to be potential sexual predators. She was never publicly identified...until today. Join me in exposing this administrator! Links to the school's Google+ Reviews and Yelp reviews pages are in the article.

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A Men’s Rights Case for Affirmative Consent policy?


Could there be a benefit to men via Affirmative Consent policies? New AVFMS contributor Michael Tinson thinks so. Here's what he has to say.

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Have we reached a watershed in campus rape hysteria?


Malcolm James, UK lecturer and lead AVFMs guest contributor, asks: has campus rape hysteria reached a tipping point with the UVA rape hoax and the Emma Sulkowicz drama?

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Feminist Professor Judy Haiven doesn’t like equal rights for male students


Dr. Judy Haiven has a problem silencing male students in her classroom, and she wants other teachers to do it too.

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Director of Montessori preschool: “You do not automatically trust men around young children.”


If there is one thing that men’s advocates tend to do well, it’s make screenshots and keep records of what is said and done. Today I bring you another such example. It’s not one “of my own digging,” so to speak. It comes from Reddit, and it provokes an interesting discussion about the status of male teachers and male role-models in ...

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Should men today enroll in higher education?


Today we’ll ask a question we haven’t asked before on this website, and it’s an important one too. Are you ready?

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