Bahar Mustafa’s misandry: not as ironic as advertised

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I remember what it was like to work construction, back before my teaching days when I was trying to offset my college costs. A friend of mine named Daniel, whom I was working with at the time, prided himself on being a smartass. One day he told me – with his classic mischievous grin – “Isn’t it amazing how you can ...

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Poster at UQ: this room is “a safer space for anyone who is not a cis-man.”

University of Queensland Women's Room

The above poster on a door at the University of Queensland reads “This women’s room is a safer space for anyone who is not a cis-man.” And if you’re wondering what cis-men are, the subtext clarifies them as “those who identify as men and were designated male at birth.” The poster was created by the UQ Women’s Collective, a Feminist campus ...

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The websites for three boys’ advocacy organizations have recently vanished. Let us recognize the service and contributions of The Boys’ Initiative, Boys Learning, and Supporting our Sons.


Memorial Day is coming up. It is a time when we honor those who fell while serving to protect our country and values, a sacrifice for which there is truly no equal. All gave some; some gave all. On a much humbler scale, I’d like us to acknowledge and honor the service, courage, and compassion of several recently passing boys’ ...

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Teacher Nicole Senn’s five strategies to motivate and engage reluctant boys in literacy

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In Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys, a landmark book on boys and literacy, Michael Smith and Jeffrey Wilhelm list data that should be startling but unsurprising to many lower ed teachers: Boys take longer to learn to read than girls do. Boys read less than girls read. Boys generally provide lower estimations of their reading abilities than girls do. Boys value reading ...

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Researchers Wanted to Construct National Databases on Men’s and Boys’ Educational Achievement & Well-Being

Blue graphs

Joining the project Calling all bookworms, academics, freelance researchers, and hobbyists with a high attention to detail! We are embarking on a new long-term database construction project that is the first of its kind in the world. The goal of this project is to compile the most impactful and representative key findings from research projects on a wide variety of men’s and boys’ education ...

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New Zen Men chapter at Madison Area Technical College (MATC)


Joshua Stoneman enlisted in the Navy before 9/11 in 2001. He served for ten years across thirty countries conducting merchant vessel boardings, oil rig defenses, anti-piracy measures and anti-terrorism operations, all while keeping shipping lanes open. Stoneman lived in Greece for one year, Japan for three, and served on a guided missile cruiser for five years. He since married in Japan, and now he and his ...

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Sage Gerard signs on as AVFMS Director of Collegiate Activism


Because the time has come for sage advice.

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AVFMS cited, interviewed, and referenced 40+ times by mainstream media in 20 months


Let none say the work done here has no impact on the national conversation on gender equity in education. I just finished updating a list of all the mainstream media platforms that have either interviewed me, referenced my work, or linked it. The number is at least 40. I’ve never published the list before now. The majority of it is due to the ...

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Title IX does not protect victims and destroys accused men’s futures


Student Bob Brown is facing expulsion over a questionable sexual harassment accusation a month away from getting his degree. He writes about his experiences, the state of modern academia's judicial process, and offers up some unconventional solutions.

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[Comic] The Gender Disparity in STEM Explained, explained


The Twitter user AntiFemComics (the “Fem” meaning “Feminism,” of course) has posted an interesting comic for us: The gender disparity in STEM explained #EqualityForAll #WomenAgainstFeminism #GamerGate #FeminismIsAwful #STEM — Anti Feminist Comics (@AntiFemComics) April 30, 2015 Much ado is made by social justice warriors about the disparity between men and women enrolling and graduating in STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering ...

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